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This page was last updated on: March 31, 2001

This site created by A. Johns and maintained by P. Johns, member, Machias Vol. Fire Dept.

 MVFD Overview

          The Machias Vol. Fire Department, operating under the supervision of the Machias Fire District, provides fire protection and EMS services to the Town of Machias, NY.  This response area is primarily rural and covers approximately 36 square miles, with a population of about 2,000. 

          The Machias Fire District is a tax district that coincides with the town boundaries.  The fire district is governed by a Board of Fire Commissioners, which is made up of five Commissioners who are elected by the town residents for 5 year terms, with the terms staggered so one Commissioner is elected each year.  In addition, the Fire District Treasurer is elected for a three year term.  Fire District elections are the second Tuesday in December, open to all registered voters residing in the Fire District.  The fire district collects and administers the fire service taxes and owns and maintains the primary engine hall and the vehicles used by the Machias Vol. Fire Dept. 
          The Machias Vol. Fire Department is a non-profit corporation, with an all volunteer membership that operates the vehicles and provides the fire protection and EMS services.  The  department leadership includes the Chief, who is responsible for the operations and training of the department, and the President, who is responsible for the administrative functions.  The fire department engages in fund raising activities (including Bingo) in order to purchase supplies and equipment not provided by the Fire District. 

         In addition to serving the Town of Machias, the Machias Vol. Fire Dept. also provides mutual aid assistance, through the Cattaraugus County mutual aid plan, to the neighboring communities, including Delevan, Yorkshire, Farmersville, Franklinville and West Valley.   EMS transport is provided to Olean General Hospital in Olean, NY or to Bertrand Chaffee Hospital in Springville, NY. 
        While the Machias Fire Dept. serves a rural area with a low call volume, Machias does include a number of features that require special attention by the department.  These include the Cattaraugus County Nursing Home, rail lines operated by CSX  and Lime Lake, with its boating and water skiing attractions.  Each of these requires special training and preparation considerations by the department. 

2000 Fire Response Report

This is a list of the non-EMS fire department responses for the period of January 2000 through December 2000:
Total Responses 59
Reported Structure Fires 10
Grass Fires 4
Service/good intent Calls 14
MVA's 14
Auto Fires 2

Total Mutual Aid Calls 15  
Franklinville 4 Fires  
Delevan 3 Fires  
West Valley 2 Fires  
Ischua 1 Fire  
Farmersville 4 Fires  
Salamanca 1 Flood  


1997-1998 EMS Response Report

272 Total EMS calls for 2000. This is a list of the fire department EMS responses for the period of April 1997 through March 1998:
Total Responses 285
Motor Vehicle Accidents 18
Bicycle Accidents 2
Cardiac/Difficulty Breathing 64
Medical Emergency 161
Traumatic Cardiac Arrest 3
Unattended Death 1
Interfacility Transports 10
Drills 2
Mutual Aid 24


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