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This page was last updated on: April 15, 2001

This site created by A. Johns and maintained by P. Johns, member, Machias Vol. Fire Dept.

 MVFD membership
          Membership in the Machias Vol. Fire Dept. is open to anyone residing in the town of Machias who is over the age of 18.  Teenagers may join the Machias Junior Fire Department.  Members of the "Juniors" receive Fire and EMS training, and assist with non-hazardous tasks at various incidents.  Upon their 18th birthday, members of the Junior department may join Machias Fire Dept. as regular members.  After five years of service, members may request Exempt status.  Upon approval of this status by the membership, Exempt members are carried on the roster, but are no longer required to remain active.  General membership meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month, with the election of Fire Dept. officers at the April meeting.

           The following is a list of Officers for both the Fire District and the Fire Department. 

Fire District Officers
Name Title Term Expires
K. VanDerwerker Commissioner 2006
T. Herman Commissioner 2005
J. Patti Commissioner 2002
M. McCormack Commissioner 2003
George Phetteplace Commissioner 2004
E. VanValkenburg Treasurer 2004
Fire Department Officers
Name Title
J. Marsh Chief
T. Byroads 1st Assistant Chief
G. Payne 2nd Assistant Chief
B. Marsh EMS Captain
J. Neamon EMS Lieutenant
J. Dancer President
E. Lipka Vice-President
S. Phetteplace Secretary
M. Bull Treasurer
T. Chase Chaplain
B. Watkins Sgt. at Arms
J. Sanabria Fire Police Capt.
C. Briggs Fire Police Lt.
J. Dancer Bingo Chairman
S. Phetteplace Parade Marshall
R. Garlach Bell Jar Chairman
S. Phetteplace Building Steward
M. Dulanski 1 year Trustee
G. Watkins 2 year Trustee
R. Marsh 3 year Trustee
M. Payne County Del.
N. Parker County Alt.
R. Marsh Southwestern Del.
W. VanValkenburg Southwestern Alt.
W. VanValkenburg State Del.
M. Payne State Alt.


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